Wheels for flat glass processing machines

847 different wheels (diamond and polishing) for more than 110 different flat glass processing machines

Wheels for flat glass processing machines

Italian wheels for flat glass processing machines (Bavelloni-Glaston, Intermac, Bovone, Schiatti, Lattuada, Denver, Baudin...). Sales on Internet



On Vedip we propose to you wheels only manufactured in Italy for your flat glass processing machines. On Vedip everything is automatic. So we have very low admiistrative and commercial costs (these costs can reach 50 % of the selling prices for wheels). It is why (please have a look) we can propose wheels with a very competitive selling price on Vedip. 

Our team has built its experience since 1992 in the market for wheels and tools for the processing of flat glass. We offer today to buy your wheels for flat glass processing machines directly and safely on the Internet with our new Vedip site.

The price are directly indicated on each wheel technical file. 

1/Quality wheels.

The wheels are made in Italy by one of the largest manufacturers of wheels for flat glass processing and worldwide known for the quality and the technology of its wheels. Moreover this company  is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

A doubt, a question on wheels to choose? You can contact one of our technicians immediately by phone on our call center or by email, 7 days 7. From  8:00 to 7:00 p.m. We carefully filled datasheets wheels and tools for flat glass so that you have maximum technical information. For each machine, depending on your experience and your specific need,  you can choose between standard tools and alternative tools. You cannot find the right tool you require, you want a different grit size? Contact us, we will quickly create it for you on the price-list.
All orders are verified before acceptance and we will contact you in case of doubt on an order line.
You will be notified directly by mail about the status of your order (order confirmation, payment received, package preparation, shipping carrier and mentioning the number of the delivery so that you can track the delivery…. ).

We have drastically reduced the cost of logistics, locating our warehouse in our partner’s factory  and automatizing the whole process of ordering, payment and billing. Our administrative costs are minimal. All these savings are fully reflected in the price of wheels and tools that we offer.

We also obtained very competitive prices from an international carrier so that you do not get penalized on the price of transport. You can choose between express and normal tariff rate (deadlines listed by country depending on the tariff chosen in the delivery file in commercial information).

4/Delivery times.

Delivery times are indicated on each wheel or tool present on the price-list. The delivery time starts from the date of receipt of your payment. You must add the delivery time depending on the mode of transportation.

You have 7 days from receipt of your order to return the unused tools or wheels whatever the reason. (see our general conditions of sale and unless tools specially made for you).


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