Diamond drill

80,97 €

Trou, hole 61 mm 75 Laminated

Core diamond drill for flat glass drilling

Data sheet
  • Tools : Professional diamond core drill for flat glass drilling
  • Tool position on the machine : Core drill 61 mm
  • Tool manufacturing time : From 14 to 16 days
  • Crown : Segmented with two deep slots for laminated glass drilling
  • Grit size (diamond or abrasive) : 80/100 Mesh
  • Bond : Metal alloy
  • Machine : Glass drilling machine
  • Width diamond crown : 1.1 mm
  • Diamond part length for the core drill : 10 mm with +/-10 % précision
  • Total length : 75 mm. Total lenght of the diamond core drill. From the 1/2 gas fixing up to the top of the diamond crown
  • Fastening for this tool on spindle or on tool holder : Standard on flat glass drilling by male 1/2 gas
  • Hole diameter, glass drilling : 61 mm
  • Segments numerous on the diamand crown : 2 with important slots to drill laminated flat glass
  • Machine spindles rotation speed : 2200 (+/- 5%) RPM
  • Cutting angle on the top of the diamond crown : No
  • Lateral hole for water pressure decreasing on the core drill body : No.
  • Cooling during drilling for tool and glass or stone : Yes, from drill inside for a best cooling during drilling process
  • Individual packing : Yes plastic cylinder
  • Up and down cycle during drilling : Yes useful for core drill over 30 mm diameter. To have a better cooling for glass and diamond core drill
  • Time for transport : On average 2 days depending your country
  • Kind of glass to use this tool : Cor drills for all kind of glass (float glass laminated glass ....)
  • Internal water pressure for diamond tool cooling : We advice is to decrease the internal cooling water pressure when your core drill diameter increases

More info

Delivered in individual protection plastic cylinder. To prevent delivery problems. 

Iron brass. Connection half inche. Précision on diameter +/- 5 %. The rotation speed for the spindles and the drilling speed are indicated in the technical information menu  (on the left). Also available with length 95 mm. Other lengths available. Please contact us (same selling price and delivery time than for 95 mm length). 


In order to get the best diamond core drill performances, a suitable quantity of cooling water needs to be used, according to the diameter of the diamond core drills: REDUCE THE COOLING WATER PRESSURE WHEN THE CORE DRILL DIAMETER INCREASES.

For exemple a 6 mm diamond core drill need for cooling 4 liters per minute.


These drills can be used on all the single ou double spindle flat glass drilling machines (Intermac, Bavelloni, Glaston, Schiatti, Lattuada, Zafferani, Besana.....) which have a 1/2 inche connexion and require a 75 mm length. Possible also on Janbac drilling machines which generally require 95 mm length.